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Class Planning

2023 School Planning

In Term 4, planning for classes in 2023 will commence.  

If you have special social considerations relating to your child’s class placement in 2023 which you feel we need to be made aware, please advise the school by completing the form below (to be made available from Friday 21 October 2022). 

Please complete this form even if you have made these requests in previous years.  

Due to the many complex factors that need to be considered when forming classes, parents may provide up to two separation requests per child. 

Requests for teachers are unable to be considered.  

It should be noted that while we will take this information into consideration when forming classes, not all requests will be met, owing to the many factors that need to be considered when forming classes. 

This link will become live on Friday 21 October 2022.  

This link will close on Friday 11 November 2022.  

Please kindly note that the school will not be able to consider 2023 class placement requests after this time.