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Bookwork policy

At Neutral Bay, we promote and advocate the highest standards of written work and presentation from our students. High expectations and standards in this area keep the focus on quality work at all times. We accept the responsibility to educate our students and their parents about handwriting skills and acceptable standards of bookwork.


At Neutral Bay PS, we believe:

  • Students enter school with pre-handwriting abilities and experiences
  • Students need time and opportunity to develop correct handwriting styles
  • Students need encouragement to develop correct handwriting style and bookwork presentation
  • Students need the opportunity to present and display written work for different purposes and audiences.
  • Legible and fluent handwriting is essential for effective written communications.
  • Presentation, neatness and fluency is only part of what constitutes quality work.


For more information read the Neutral Bay's Bookwork Policy (pdf 60 KB)