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Excursion policy


  • To provide experiences to broaden children's understanding and appreciation of their environment outside the school.
  • To complement and extent class units of work.
  • To support school learning programs such as music, art, sport etc.
  • To allow children opportunities to further develop interpersonal and social skills independently at camps and overnight.



  • All classes will usually participate in 2 excursions and 1 incursion each year. Excursion costs are to be kept at affordable levels for our community.
  • Years 5 and 6 will be offered overnight camps in both grades.
  • All excursions must have the Principal's approval, follow Department of Education and Communities' guidelines and School Procedures. See Excursion Pack.
  • No child will be excluded for financial reasons.
  • All teachers are trained in First Aid, CPR and Emergency Care. This training is regularly updated.
  • Excursions are to be evaluated and feedback provided to Stage Leaders.