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The Neutral Bay Public School Council provides a forum to discuss current school issues, projects and initiatives, determine school priorities, ratify school policies and work with the Principal on financial matters and budgeting. The Council comprises parent representatives, staff representatives and a community representative. For many years our community representative on the School Council has been Jillian Skinner, former State Member for North Shore and a past parent and current grandparent of the School.

The key goals of the Neutral Bay Public School Council are to support the values of the school, to promote the school within in the community and create conditions that maximise student achievement and enrich the educational program of the school.  Over the past few years the School Council has been involved in a number of initiatives to promote the safety and wellbeing of Neutral Bay Public School students and staff. This includes the appointment of a crossing supervisor for the Bydown St pedestrian crossing and addressing the safety concerns of the Yeo St and Ben Boyd intersection. The latter has resulted in raised curbing, new line markings on the footpath, and an extension of the pedestrian fencing. The installation of flashing lights on both sides of Ben Boyd Road is also planned in the future.

One of the recent areas of focus for the Neutral Bay Public School Council has been the future planning of Neutral Bay Public School which last year included an assessment of current and future building requirements to accommodate the increasing numbers of student enrolments in the school. As a result of this initiative, the NBPS Council is currently working with the NSW Department of Education and Communities on a number of building solutions and designs.

Contacting the School Council

If you would like to know more about a specific project the School Council is involved in or have some feedback you would like to share please get in touch with either the School Council President or one of the four Parent Representatives.

School Council Parent Nomination Form


The NBPS School Council President:                                              

NBPS Parent Representatives:

Christine Comerford (President)
Helen Wilson (Vice President)
Rachel Thompson (Secretary)
Alice Lai (Minutes Secretary)

Community Representative:

Jillian Skinner
Jessica Keen
Sharmila Soorian (Past P&C President)     

Staff Representatives:

Kate Murray
Jen Carew
Poppy Moir
Victor Tan

School Council Constitution - School Constitution (pdf 310 KB)


School Council Meeting Minutes October 2021 - Minutes

MinutesSchool Council AGM Agenda March 2021 - Agenda

School Council Meeting Minutes Apr 2021 - Minutes


School Council Parent Nomination Form November 2020 - Nomination Form

School Council Minutes Wednesday 18th March 2020 School Council Minutes

School Council Meeting Amended Minutes June 17, 2020 via zoom - Amended Minutes


School Council Minutes Wednesday 7th November 2018 School Council Minutes

School Council Minutes Wednesday 5th December 2018 School Council Minutes

School Council Minutes Wednesday 20th February 2019 School Council Minutes


School Council Minutes - February 2018:  Minutes February 2018 (docx 118 KB)

School Council Minutes -  March 2018:  Minutes March 2018 (docx 116 KB)

School Council Minutes - SGM March 2018:  Minutes March 2018 (docx 115 KB)

School Council Minutes - May 2018:  Minutes May 2018 (docx 120 KB)

School Council Minutes - SGM May 2018:  Minutes May 2018 (docx 114 KB)

School Council Minutes - August 2018: Minutes August 2018 (docx 119 KB)

School Council Minutes - September 2018: Minutes September 2018 (docx 119 KB)