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Media Team

The Neutral Bay Public School Media Team was formed in 2019. All students in Year 5 are eligable to join.

The Media Team produce NBPS TV News. News packages are broadcast in-house to all classrooms. There are three main stories in our new bulletins: 1. Coverage of important events at the school 2. documentaries on important world issues the students feel strongly about 3. what the students are learning in class and how they are learning it.

Each group in the team has a script writer, a presenter, a camera operator and a video editor.

The school recently purchased a lapel (or lavalier) mic and a LED TV light that was dimmable and included diffusers and colour-correction gels. We also purchased a 3 axis gimble. With professional equipment such as this we are able produce broadcasts with exceptionally-high production values.

Many of our news presentions are filmed and edited with iMovie on the iPad, although the final edit for broadcast is done in Adobe Premiere.

The Media Team is trained and co-ordinated by Mr Rutherford.

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