Neutral Bay Public School

Excellence Innovation Opportunity

Telephone02 9953 1798

School features

School Mission

As we look to the future, our school's mission is the foundation for our plans. 

The key purpose of Neutral Bay Public School is to provide quality education for all students in a caring environment and to prepare each student for an active, productive and meaningful participation in future society, work, leisure and learning. The work of this school is carried out in close partnership with parents.

Our Vision

Neural Bay Public School's strategic vision reflects worldwide shifts in learning environments and technology. Neutral Bay strives to anticipate and lead these changes while nurturing our students to their potential. Building on past strategic plans, our school's eyes are firmly set on the future.

Our Values

Three important values reflect our commitment to developing a passion for learning and scholarship, a strong sense of worth and the desire to contribute to the local and global community: RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT and PERSONAL BEST.

Our School Motto

Excellence. Innovation. Opportunity.

School Song

There were many before
There are many to come
But for now you and I are the school
We are proud of its name
We will add to its fame
Play the game Neutral Bay - that's the rule


We are the school you and I, you and I
Proudly we all look the world in the eye
Our school demands that we reach for the sky
Neutral Bay aims high
So wherever we go
And whatever we do
Our school leaves its mark like a brand
And the ones who have built our traditions before
Made our name known across all the land

Written by former teacher, Mrs Jill Craig and her 1986 Year 6 students.


Neutral Bay Public School was established in 1886. It is situated close to the local business community and has excellent access to public transport including buses and ferries.

This school features:

  • Outstanding academic achievements
  • Strong traditions in music and sport
  • Opportunity Classes for academically gifted learners in Years 5 and 6
  • strong programs in student welfare and leadership
  • Special programs for children needing extra support with learning
  • A commitment to quality training and development for staff
  • Strong partnerships with parents and the community
*Kindergarten classes, for the first four weeks of Term 1, are dismissed at 2.45pm